Don’t let the sales panic you. It doesn’t mean that if you haven’t nailed down all your summer wear by now you are stuffed. It’s not 1991 any more and you will be able to buy summer clothes well into July. It’s only August that summer wear really dries up and all there is in the shops are winter coats and sweaters.

It’s just the most depressing time of year in the shops, August – sad rails of sale summer wear that no-one bought; metallic things and clutch bags in the shape of watermelons made out of scuba fabric, alongside beanies and long coats and jumpers. All wrong. So bad.

And don’t actually panic in the sales and buy loads of metallic things and novelty bags, okay? I mean, not if it’s not your style. In fact, don’t buy anything if you don’t want to or need to. Sit it out. Ignore the newspapers (that is good advice generally at the moment, much as I love newspapers and miss the newsroom like it’s a sexy boyfriend who dumped me for a model*).

But if you did want to pick up a few bargains, Lux Fix is having a very good sale at the moment, with most things 50% off. There are a lot of sizes available and I like these two:

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 10.55.51
Artisan off-shoulder top by Kirei, £43
Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 10.35.47
Arabella Ivory wrap top £72


*this has never happened to me. I mean, she wasn’t a model. And he wasn’t that sexy.