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Ann Demeulemeester (yes that really is her name) for Net A Porter, £435

It’s a funny thing, how trends in fashion can seem laughable, awful and wrong at one moment but then 3-6 months later you find yourself going “Ooo, actually that looks fabulous.”

So it is with this “shirting” lark. Months and months ago I went “wear a big shirt, yeah?” and none of us really did. Not even I did. We all just went on wearing our sweaters and check shirts of a normal size and ignoring crazy street fashion psychos who went about with their shirts on backwards like desperate loonatiks.

And as for reconstructed shirts (i.e. shirts with wonky seams, one arm longer than the other, different patches zig-zagged together) well, that was just too much. People are dying in Syria – how can we think about wearing a cut-n-shut shirt?

But now September is on our doorstep, hopping from foot to foot going “let me in ffs I really need a wee” and in the moments when we are not donating to Save The Children we are thinking that actually we quite fancy a wonky shirt.

For example, I love this one (above) from Net A Porter; at £435 I will obviously not be buying it. But this sort of look, once repulsive and abhorrent to me, now seems lively and modern.

Anyway don’t worry about this too much, but all I’m saying is that don’t be surprised if in about 6 week’s time you have a sudden craving for a mad shirt. I’m sure there will be some nice ones in Zara?