I think I’m a bit sick of neon. It has been the essential accent colour in both fashion and interiors for ages now and it’s getting a bit tired. Wearing my gym trainers with their neon blue and pink splashes used to feel really modern. Now it just feels like I’m wearing my stupid gym trainers about.

So I’ve developed a crush on these black and white Nikes. I think they are these from Office. They’re nothing new, they’ve been around for ages, but they suddenly feel like the only trainers to have for AW16. Box fresh white trainers are all very well, but you do have to keep them really clean – or there’s not point. NO point going about in a grey pair of Stan Smiths with grubby laces.

So this rather takes the pressure off, as the trainers are mostly black. One still needs to take care to keep the flash and the sides reasonably muck-free, but with all the practise I’ve had keep my Stan Smiths squeaky clean it will be a breeze.

Speaking of wearing trainers in winter, I have finally caved in and bought some trainer socks. But not any trainer socks! I have got a pair of Wolford “Footsies“, which are really really brilliant and keep your feet nice and snuggly in your trainers whereas otherwise they might become sweaty and slimy. They are totally invisible and truly comfy and I recommend them to you highly. Wolford is the Chanel of hosiery, meaning that each pair of Footsies is a ruinous £9. But they are quality, I promise.