So skinny jeans drive you mad and you find yourself, as we meander very slowly towards chillier weather, knowing that five days out of seven you will still want to reach for a pair of black leggings: they’re cosy, comfy and slimming. Why would you not?

David Lerner Classic coated legging £94

Taking this cost-per-wear potential on board, have a think about upgrading your Topshop calf-lengthers to a pair of coated leggings by American stretch-fabric whizz kid David Lerner. They look absolutely abysmal in this photo above, but are excellent on.

I was alerted to David Lerner when I bought a pair of cropped flares, (a very discreet flare – they’re nice), in his trademark stretch-coated fabric from a boutique in Primrose Hill two years ago and they are brilliant. They don’t sag at the knee and they have an intriguing sheen, which is less boring than jersey, more chic than lycra but not as frightening as leather.

They are only available from ShopBop, which is a bore. Be careful here on sizing – I am a 10-12 and took an S, which is a little bit snug – but I fear a M would be baggy. Anyway, make sure you’re reasonably prepared to exchange them if you go for these.

Also I must mark the fact that Hush – of which we are all fans, I know – are now stocked by John Lewis. I, for one, will be going along to try on a pair of their leather leggings, which at £330 are expensive but several hundred pounds less expensive than other kinds. Unusually for Hush, they don’t look nice in the photo, but may look better on.


Another good value leather legging option is by Baukjen. I normally look through the catalogue just for a laugh, but their pair at £349 is worth investigating if only because it does well in the photos. I mean, I say I look through the Baukjen catalogue for a laugh but the white shirt that I am wearing right now that I get loads of compliments on is from there, so maybe just ignore me.