I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but there are going to be proper cold snaps between now and Christmas – probably beyond, too, but the weathermen can’t see that far into the future, useless fuckers. I don’t mean that. What I mean is that the fact that you can even tell what the weather will be like tomorrow is like actual witchcraft.

Anyway so look – who’s excited?! Me, I’m totally psyched for this seasonal weather we’ve been having. Hot summers, cold winters!

Last winter wasn’t even very cold and I swore I would get myself  proper Canada Goose parka next year (i.e. this year). It has taken me verily 12 months to get my head round the enormous and unfeasible expense of a CG parka (around £900). I am revved up for it now, also because I have been working a lot recently and so have actual money of my own, not that my husband wouldn’t buy this for me but, y’know…

BUT! Ha ha! I spy a bargain in the shape of the Canada Goose KIDS SECTION. I have just ordered a girl’s “Brittania” parka jacket in black in XL for £500 from a place called Base Fashion – they still have some stock left. I will report back on sizing but I suspect from the widespread sell-out of these in XL on other websites, I am a bit late to this trick. I can’t imagine that that many people are buying these for their hefty teenaged daughters.

Anyway, as they have free UK delivery and returns it’s silly not to order one really.

**** A NOTE ON THIS*****

Mine arrived and although it was excellent in most regards, it was just a tiny bit snug. So this would be a great and magnificent purchase for anyone who is a solid size 10 or smaller. Any bigger than that (come on, be honest) and it’s just going to annoy you. Which you’re not looking for in a £500 purchase.