Glacy Explorer Shortie boot, £110. Really love these.

There’s a strange sociological thing going on in footwear at the moment that is a knock-on effect from when the polar vortex hit New York during fashion week in 2014 – and that is, that snow boots are in.

It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t really get cold enough in this country to really justify them, (or a Canada Goose, really): so many fashion people had to buy them during that fateful February fashion week that they’re still wearing them in order to get that cost-per-wear down.

And that all filters down to us mortals.

Last year I bought myself a pair of UGG Adirondacks, which were on sale, down from £220 to £150 or something. I like them, they are good, although sometimes my toes get unacceptably cold in them. I know! It’s weird – you’d think their main function would be to not let your toes get cold. I wouldn’t buy them again – it possibly explains why they were on sale.

Anyway if you are thinking about investing in snow boots for this year (do not be fooled by the balmy weather at the moment… it is going to get c-c-c-cold) do what I would do if I were buying snow boots with my wits about me, rather than in a panic in late Februrary, and go directly to Sorel.

Sorel boots sell out all the time, because they are good but also because also because they are not insanely expensive. There are still some sizes left on their website. Take advantage of the warmer weather at the moment and buy now before we get a cold snap and everyone wises up and they’re gone forever.