Is it too early to start talking about Christmas decorations yet? Only that’s what I was thinking about this weekend to distract myself from the double-noro situation I had.

Genuinely, on Saturday morning at 3am as I held out a bowl for Kitty to be sick into while simultaneously vomiting into the sink myself, trying to keep everyone quiet so’s not to wake up Little Sam who was slumbering upstairs, (he was down with noro for all of Wednesday night), I had a half-formed thought, which I recognise now as: “I am going to spend so much fucking money on Christmas decorations as a reward for this.”

And John Lewis has terrific Christmas decoration game this year. I went round the Oxford Circus branch with Kitty a few weeks ago and was stunned by how good it was.

I particularly like their really mad and colourful range they’ve called, dubiously, Shangri-La (above). We are entering a new world this year of being able to buy and hang breakable ornaments on the tree as we have no toddlers and don’t plan to get a puppy. My husband also used to have a few very colourful ornaments, all of which have broken over the years – and which I used to turn my nose up at, but I now think are rather marvellous.

I’m not including a link to any of these because they are all, rather depressingly, sold out online. But they’re available instore and although I love online shopping, something about buying actual Christmas decorations online feels wrong.

I have also always wanted a mini Christmas tree to put somewhere, and M&S has this one for £15.

John Lewis, £12

Last year Becky Bacon got me a make your own gingerbread house kit and it was so much fun that this year I am buying one for myself.

Not the last that you’ll hear from me on the subject and rather a mad selection of random things … I think this weekend may have sent me a bit mad.