I have for ages been trying to get thing in the paper about postcodes, but I’m constantly met with commissioning editors’  blank silence on the end of the phone as I go: “No it’s interesting! It is! It is!?” and so I gave up. But I’ve got to tell someone!! And it might as well be you.

So the thing is that if your house has a weird or inaccurate postcode, or the postcode that you have been assigned sends deliverymen and – more important – the emergency services to a McDonald’s three miles way, there is a solution!

All you have to do is write an email to Royal Mail explaining this problem (and it is such a goddamned bore if you do have this problem) and they will most probably assign you a new, more accurate postcode! The email address is

They did for us in our house in Gloucestershire and I am slobberingly grateful for it.

Royal Mail’s records are updated within 48 hours but it can take SatNavs, (who buy new and updated information from Ordnance Survey), up to six weeks to register a new postcode.

Anyway that’s it. For some of you this will be like a thunderbolt and will change your lives. And for that, you are most welcome.