A mum friend of mine at Kitty’s school asked me about socks the other day.

“I just want some socks,” she said, “that are warm and also not hideous.”

I pondered the enormity of how my friend could possibly not already own, as I do, socks in a million different shapes, sizes and textures. But she doesn’t! I saw her yesterday in a pair of black ankle socks and I went “Are those your fucking socks, mate?”

And she stuttered, (I am a bit alarming when I am on the attack at pick-up): “These are just because I’ve been working out!”

And I went “But are these basically your socks?”

And she went “Well yeah. I mean, I’ve got some Falke ones…” And I went “RIGHT I see, okay yes you need my advice about socks…”

These are the socks that everyone ought to have in their wardrobe, come winter:

1 Bridgedale walking socks. Ignore, if you can, that these are walking socks. These are the best warm socks ever made. They have a cunning elasticated grip thing  around the arch of the foot that means the socks don’t slide off your goddamn feet when in boots. Also brilliant for padding round the house in. I had two pairs when I trekked through Namibia when I was 19 and they saved my feet. Best socks ever.


2 Long black knee-high socks. Not to be worn actually over the knee, but ruched down around the top of any given boot or trainer. A nod to Fame, here. But only a nod. I’ve got some from TopShop – these from John Lewis are very similar, for £10.


3 I love wearing boys’ sports socks. I sometimes wear a pair of my husband’s football socks when he’s away. They are bright yellow and they are fabulous when worn with trainers and  some junky old joggers tucked in and, like, a denim jacket. The louder, stripier and more colourful the better. These cute ones are from John Lewis again, £8.


4 An alternative to the Bridgedale walking socks are these nice Norwegian ones from Burlington, by Falke. Reassuringly expensive at £16.