Two things you really ought to consider adding to your wardrobe to make it SS17 rather than SS16 (although there are things left over from last year that you can still wear – culottes, massive pale blue shirts, your Arizona Birkies) are ruffles q.v. and also florals.

Of course, anyone who is clever enough to put away favourite clothes that are no longer in fashion, (rather than just chucking them out to charity like me), will be able to pull out a lot of florals and ruffles from the 80s/90s.

There is also a lot of talk about “power dresses” at the moment, which are broadly midi-length flowy dresses with a large floral print with sleeves – to be worn with a black polo neck and boots now and sandals later.

There aren’t that many in the shops yet – I don’t know if that’s because spring stock hasn’t really come in yet or what.

I WAS in M&S yesterday though and was wowed by their collection of floral prints. They’ve really committed to this trend. The fabrics and design were great but as is so often the case with M&S the cut was really disappointing – huge and gapey under the arms and tight across the chest. I can’t really imagine what shape they think women are – huge swimmer’s shoulders and no bosom?

There were two that were wearable, though – this short navy jersey high-necked dress with lovely floral sprigs – really nice with a denim jacket and white trainers in the spring:


And this rather mad thing; with its belt and pyjama collar it’s a bit like wearing a dressing gown – but it was really flattering, it felt very modern and grown-up, I loved the print and the fabric was a good weight and fell nicely.


This skirt I also tried on and liked – it is an almost identical copy, I think, of a D&G skirt (or is it Dior?) anyway if you’re into this kind of this thing is great. But it was one of those things that I couldn’t imagine where I would wear it.