If you ask me, Jeremy Paxman has done  Elizabeth Clough, the mother of his children and partner of 35 years, a massive favour by leaving her.

When you are married to or living with a famous man, you live in his shadow completely. It’s all about him, even more so than it is with any other man. Giles isn’t famous like Jeremy Paxman, but he’s well-known enough for me to know what that means.

It’s not horrible! It’s not a bad place to be; there’s live entertainment and the drinks are free… but one day, you might have to give your table back, that’s all.

And then what? Sure, it’s not ideal, it’s not what you dream of. But…it does give you an opportunity to construct for yourself a life out of that shadow.  I’m sure it doesn’t feel like that right now to Elizabeth Clough, but that is what it is.

I was watching last night as it happens on just this subject: an absolutely terrific movie called The Meddler. Susan Sarandon has to build a new existence for herself after her husband dies. She moves from New York to LA to be closer to her daughter and starts again, mostly by meddling in everyone’s lives, to completely positive ends. This cheers me up hugely of course as I am the world’s biggest meddler and doler-out of unsolicited advice.

I laughed my head off throughout, it’s such a sweet film, nothing awful happens and J.K. Simmons is in it. I recommend you seek it out as it’s not a massive action film so you might otherwise miss it.