About a year ago, Kitty insisted on growing her hair. Up until then, she had been very happy to have a cute little Lousie Brooks bob. It was brilliant: it looked fabulous, unusual and it was very low-maintenece.

But now she’s got longer hair and it’s a total pain. Kitty is not what I’d call girly, or fastidious. Her hair spontaneously, in the night or just generally ties and scrunches itself up into the most terrible knots, despite me washing, brushing and conditioning it once a week. She is starting to develop dreads. Should I be doing it more? Am I right to get annoyed when she complains about having it brushed? (“This was your idea, Kitty!”)

What is the answer? I see other little girls with long flowing hair and no knots anywhere, how is it done?

This is a genuine question. Please leave suggestions in the handy comment box below.