Okay so you’ve added some ruffles to your SS17 wardrobe and some fabulous huge earrings. Now please consider some bell sleeves.

I know! I know, I know, they seem impractical and mad. But as long as, in fact, you choose a sleeve that stops a goodly way up your arm, between your elbow and your wrist, then it will not drag in your soup or get caught in the car door and you will just feel very modern and fabulous not like a King Charles Spaniel done up for a local dogshow.

You do have to try a few of these on, though, to find a good one. A lot of tops at the moment stop hellishly short

This shirt from J Crew comes in Regular and Tall, so if you know you suffer a bit from Long Back Disease, as I do, you can go for a Tall and reckon it will make up the distance.


If you really can’t bear the thought of bell sleeves, consider a tie-sleeve instead, which is less tricky to get your head round – something like this from H&M: