About £13 for 50ml

For fans of air-drying their hair but a bit tired of the hint of crispiness of all air-dry mousses or salt sprays: rejoice!

This snappily-named Aura Botanica dry oil mist spray from Keratase does an amazing job of adding texture to hair with no drying or crispiness. Your hair is both manageable and shiny. And it smells nice!

I formerly have prayed at the altar of another Keratase product, Oleo-Relax, which makes your hair beautiful but also lays it very precisely flat and doesn’t add texture, so if you have fine or slippery hair it’s not a totally perfect product.

I have in the past put the Oleo-Relax on some parts of my hair, blow-dried and then applied an air-dry product to the rest of it and allowed to dry naturally. But this will do both jobs in one, it’s terrific.