I harbour a faint grudge against Plumo and I can’t remember why – but I have magnanimously decided to put it all to one side on receiving the SS17 catalogue, which is really good.

They have branched out into interiors and there is some stunning, if slightly laughably rustic stuff (examples below). Anyway it’s all worth a look.

My favourites:

This Leo dress


This palm tree print dress. I really am in love with this. It seems strangely cheap at £89 but when you look it is made from a polyester/rayon mix, which is inexpensive. That all sounds very wartime, but in fact I very much like those two fabrics for summer dresses as they move and sit nicely and do not ride up bare legs or flap up alarmingly in a breeze like some stiffer cottons around at the moment. However, they cannot be worn with nylon tights ever or the resulting static electricity may blow us all off the face of the planet.


Small fact: the yellow dress Emma Stone wears in the poster for La La Land is a polyester/rayon mix, which she requested because it had such nice movement when she danced.

These “Eddie” earrings are fantastic, too.


I absolutely adore this whale butterdish, at £18.50.


This palm leaf wallhanging thingy really made me laugh, but respect – it’s a ballsy and mad thing to sell.


This dish is absurdly cool: