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Meet your new store cupboard pudding hero! If you have dinner parties that is. I don’t think anyone is having dinner parties anymore, are they? Or no, whoops, sorry – they’re not dinner “parties” anyway – they are “dinners”. “We’re having a dinner”; “I’ve got a dinner”. Saying dinner party is a bit like saying “nightclub” or “Walkman” or “Fax me”.

So let me start again: if  you ever have dinners at home with friends but, like me, totally forget about pudding because what an arse and who really ever wants all that stress on top of everything else and won’t the boys just leave it and get up and smoke in the garden? But then at the last minute you think fuck I can’t have no pudding, then do this.

You will need to have pre-purchased:

A jar of Opie kirsch cherries (one jar will serve 4-6 people)

A tub of good vanilla ice cream

Something crunchy to bash up and sprinkle over (use your imagination. Not a champagne glass. Optional)


1 Spoon some vanilla ice cream into a little glass

2 Spoon over 3-4 little kirsch-soaked cherries over the top with some juice

3 Sprinkle over your non-lethal topping and serve

This is particularly good, by the way, as a kosher pudding, though I realise this is a very niche point. There is a non-dairy ice cream called Swedish Glace, which will verily bring tears of nostalgia to the eyes of any kosher Jew reading thing, which works very well with this

How about you – what are your store cupboard pudding heroes?