I have no summer engagements coming up because Giles and I are never invited anywhere or do anything. Not to weddings or parties or anything. BUT, if I did have a summer party coming up and I needed something to wear, I would re-visit Rixo, who have got some absolutely terrific stuff at the moment.

This Katie dress is just about perfect. Amazing shape and fit, perfect colour, perfect pattern, sleeves. Alas, SOLD OUT online at Rixo. SAD FACE FOREVER.

But!!! Thalia, my new best friend at Rixo, (not sure she is aware of this), tells me that they expect this dress – (in blue, which will be just as nice) – to be available exclusive to Net a Porter by the end of March or thereabouts. No-one can be more accurate than that as the dresses go straight from the warehouse to Net.

Now, look, don’t freak out… but this dress is £265. I guarantee, though, that it’s a gem – it will see you all the way through this year and out the other side until September or October. And there is clearly, from my investigations, a pretty limited run of these dresses, so you can get it secure that not everyone else will have one, too.

So what now? You can either sit refreshing the Rixo home page on Net from now until April or simply sign up to The Spike mail-out and I will tell you when it drops.