I am really into this look, done typically well by Sarah Harris here:

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 15.43.47

She is wearing with this on her feet a pair of embellished kitten heel shoes from, I think D&G (I might be wrong) but you can finish off this outfit with whatever shoes you like really.

The best thing about this ensemble is that it ought to require no actual money to be spent. You just need 1 pair jeans, 1 largish t-shirt – extra points for a B&W graphic or band t-shirt, one blazer.

Blazers are back, you see. “Where did they go?” I hear you cry. You *ought* not to have been wearing them for the last few years, instead wearing sleeveless jackets, coatigans, cocoon coats, that fucking Zara coat and/or a shacket.

I remember the look of pure and genuine horror on Becky B’s face when she took me shopping once and said “what blazers have you got?” and I said “what’s a blazer?” Okay I didn’t quite say that but I didn’t own any. Becky B was once upon a time Queen of the Blazer, I think she’s stopped wearing them now – she is a hardcore NewYorker these days so she stamps around in Doc Martens and a flak jacket.

Anyway this look really appeals to me as, like all the big-titted, I look best in tailoring.