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I owe you an apology!! I wrote a few weeks ago about new white jeans – i.e. wearing white jeans in a boyfriend cut to take advantage of the glorious summery-ness without the strangulation and/or potential health effects of tight trousers plus warm weather.

I recommended Gap “girlfriend” jeans in white without actually trying them on, which I knew at the time was a bit naughty. But I have a pair of blue denim jeans in this style and they are terrific so I thought it was safe to assume that this cut in white would be great.

They are not great. I tried them on finally in a shop just to make sure – and it was one of those what-kind-of-shaped-person-can-these-possibly-be-designed for?? moments.

And, worse, a reader bought them on my recommendation and had to take them back! This is really bad.

Anyway I have deleted the previous post so as not to lead anyone else astray and then I went on a hunt for a good pair of boyfriend cut jeans in white, specifically without rips because I want you to be able to wear these to a smart-ish event with a natty blazer and some cute shoes.

I tried a brand called “AG”, which were £235 that weren’t right for some reason – I can’t remember why. But thank god, right? Because then I would have to have bought them.

Then a pair from the Outnet, which were Marc by Marc Jacobs and only about £50 – they were too wide and too high-waisted.

Then one pair from Baujken, £99, and one pair from H&M, £24.99, which described themselves as “straight, cropped” jeans.

These are very good and almost identical in all respects to the Baujken pair but £70 cheaper. I got them in a size 16 for a manufactured “relaxed” fit as they were not strictly a boyfriend cut and it totally works.

Now… I had been looking for a pair of such jeans in H&M for a while but only found this pair in the High Street Kensington branch. I can’t find the exact one online – such is the way with H&M. The ones above are the closest I can find although mine are not frayed at the bottom. I note that online H&M also have a “relaxed fit” jean, which might be super.

Anyway, in fact I don’t think too many of you are going to dive into this look but if you were gripped by a sudden pash for a boyfriend fit white jean (no rips) and can be bothered you could do worse than order a clutch from H&M and see how you get on.