I know, isn’t Goop just hilarious? Just the… madness of the whole thing.

But what I admire and respect most about the enterprise is that Gwyneth is undaunted. She doesn’t care when online gossip sites report that Goop is a massive loss-maker, or that we all want to make fun of her for trying to sell us in-flight “wellness” packs for north of £100, or that her fashion picks are always staggeringly expensive. Even the T-shirts! Even a can opener is $68.

She just sails on, regardless. It’s admirable really.

And in the end it’s just a fact that I have picked up probably the most useful piece of dressing advice ever from her, which was that a grey, fine-knit sweater will take you pretty much anywhere. First day of your period on the school run? Grey sweater. Sunday brunch? Grey sweater. Smart/casual dinner party? Grey sweater.

It’s got to be the right grey sweater. A chunky pilled horror (we’ve all got one) won’t do. It’s got to be a fine-knit merino wool job, as merino wool doesn’t form pills, worn loose and drapey. But not so drapey that you have batwings.

I have a J Crew Tippi in grey, which is beautiful but comes up rather short, which means I have to wear a longer vest underneath, which rather breaks up the line and spoils the effect.

Everyone always bangs on about Uniqlo knitwear and I have been a bit circumspect about it because I never think that something that cheap can be good. BUT… I went in the other day and tried on one of their Extra Fine Merino Wool Crew Neck sweaters and I was totally won over. I got mine in an XL for full drapeyness and comfort and do not regret it. Well, not for now anyway – we’ll see how it stands the test of time.