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An entire bucket of this only costs £18

Probably the best purchase I have made in the last month – not including all the other shit that I also love – has been a large bottle of Glow Tonic.

I am so, so so, weary when it comes to “miracle” skin products. I feel like some sort of old hack leaning against a bar in Havana smoking a fag, three rums down, saying to someone fresh of the seaplane “Just file your copy and hit the bar… don’t try to be a hero.” Or something.

Because they basically almost never work. Except Creme de la Mer, that works – but one has to sell one’s house and car and children to afford 50ml, which is inconvenient. But nothing else really works. Not really.

Except this. It’s mild glycolic acid (5%) which you apply it to your face with cotton wool as often as you want and just sort of tidies it up. Your face will look like your kitchen in the five minutes after the cleaner’s been.

It will not make you look like Alicia Vikander any more than your cleaner will give you a Poggenpohl kitchen, but it will – if you have remotely congested or “dull” skin, really improve matters.