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Portugal oversized sunglasses from Chloe. Sorry, I meant TopShop.

WHO buys designer sunglasses? Who is it doing it? Is it you? You?

YOU ARE MAD! Crazy. Buying expensive sunglasses is like buying a clear, very thin crystal orb, which you must carry around with you at all times, but it can’t go in your bag and you can’t really put it down. It also cost £300 and everyone wants to nick it.

Don’t do it.

Every summer I bulk-buy TopShops’s maddest sunglasses. I mean the ones that look really insane. And everyone loves them ands says “Wow are those Marni?” and I say “No they are from TopShop.”

This year I bought these in cream and in black for £18 – but the tortoiseshell colour way is great, too.

I also branched out and went to Uniqlo and bought these, for £12.90, which have a yellow reflective tint and are awesome.

Or should I say were awesome, because I have lost them, or rather misplaced them (I’m sure they’ll turn up). But the thing is, even though I am well sad about having lost them, at the very least they did not cost £300.


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