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About £20

I used to occasionally read in magazines about products for “unruly” eyebrows.

“Who”, I thought, “has these ‘unruly’ eyebrows?” My eyebrows were not unruly. They were basically the opposite, they lay flat and were quiet and did their homework and did not whine for snacks.

Occasionally I plucked them a bit if I was home alone and didn’t have anything better to do.

But recently they have become unruly! They refuse to be ruled! The individual hairs leap and plunge from their designated pathway and I guess it might be my imagination, (or just an habituation to the current fashion for very dark eyebrows), but they seem to be getting paler with age. Or perhaps I’m spending more time in the sun.

Whatever the reason, my eyebrows need attention. And if mine do, yours do. I don’t mean colour them in with a crayola, you do not have to channel Frida Kahlo (unless you want to).

I had a couple of photoshoots where the otherwise sane-looking and genial make-up girl went at my eyebrows like they were an insult and the results were horrendous. There is no anger like the anger you feel towards someone who has made you look ugly and stupid shortly before you have to have your picture taken for a national newspaper. This is why I don’t do photoshoots anymore!

Where was I?

You do not have to make them very dark, just perhaps a shade darker. Before you get a special actual eyebrow product try with any brown eye pencil you have lying about and shade your eyebrows in a bit to see if it makes your whole face look any better. It might. It really really might!

Then buy this, from Blinc – it’s absolutely tremendous – a very subtle colour and also broadly holds any crazy Dad-brows in place – it is also, like all Blinc products, sweat-and-smudge proof.

Mine is Light Brunette – I can find a range of colours on the Feel Unique – none of them is Light Brunette but I wager Light Blonde would work fine on me, too.