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Tom says relax and grab a cuppaΒ 


We are going to have a short break now in the Capsule Wardrobe series, as I hadn’t quite realised how insanely popular it was going to be and so I have to regroup and gather myself together for the next stages (Trousers and Skirts/Jackets).

We’re also going to have to spill out into next week as I haven’t covered Dresses (DOOM), Accessories or Activewear.

I also want to take this moment to tell you something, which is a programme I signed up to a few weeks ago whereby when you, my reader, click through on certain product-links and buy something on in that same window I get a small commission from the brand.

I have declared this in the About section, but who reads that more than once?

Obviously, I never recommend anything that I think actually is or looks shit. It’s only ever things I would recommend anyway and I also always recommend brands which aren’t on the programme (H&M) or who wouldn’t have me (TopShop… *sob*) if I think they have something good.

But I want you to make an informed decision. If you don’t mind me getting the commission, (which I get whether you return the item or keep it), then keep on buying on the click-through link.

If you’d rather I didn’t, then make a note of the item and open a separate window to make the purchase. I won’t be able to tell who’s done what either way.

This programme seems to me the best way of keeping this blog going. I mean, of course, if Michael Kors decides to become a big advertiser, you can expect Giles here wearing a Micahel Kors T-Shirt, but up until that point…

Anyway thanks for listening and we’ll be back tomorrow with Trousers and Skirts.