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The Geno by True Religion

A very brief foray into men’s clothes now – because if you’re anything like me men’s fashion issues of magazines make you want to send the editor a rude email.

BUT, we have had a breakthrough here in Kentish Town when it comes to mens’ jeans. My husband has a slight problem with trousers generally as he has body shape most suited to being a stevedore rather than a writer and most jeans are just hellishly uncomfortable. When we met it was still alright for men to go about in sloppy grubby jeans two sizes too big all hanging down the arse – but those days are gone, my husband is 49 this year and he needs to be a bit smarter.

But “smart” jeans are tight and awful and puts him in a foul mood. “Go jeans shopping then,” I said. “WHEN?” he demanded flipping through his diary. “I’ve got to WORK WHEN can I go? WHEN WHEN?”

And then one day, he found time, and came home almost tearful with joy, relief and gratitude because he had found some jeans that looked like jeans, but felt like a pair of pyjama bottoms, made from some sort of adjusted cotton cleverly dyed to look like stiff jeans fabric.

And they are these, above, by True Religion. They are £190 but that is reasonably standard for good jeans these days and if you’re a man you will not buy another pair of jeans again, calculating for my age demographic and changing fashion, until you die.