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Basically how it works is that if I get more than 2 questions about anything, I post about it. Two confused readers for me equals about 10 who are confused but don’t know or don’t want to admit it.

Thus: primer confusion.

Many of you will have dismissed primer it as something that those terrifying beauty bloggers on YouTube use in stage 1 of their stage 4,000, 40 minute, interminable unbearably boring video in order to transform themselves into literally another person.

But in fact primer is entirely useable on its own and is very handy in the spring and summer or on holiday, when you don’t want to be wearing a load of make-up because maybe a bit sweaty, but you also want to just, you know, blur your face about a bit.

The best primer available legally in this country (according to all the research I’ve done, which is quite extensive) is Photo Finish by Smashbox. You moisturise and then apply the primer and then wait about 30 seconds and your face will just look, you know, better.

Stick some eyeliner on and you’re away. (Or if you’re me, stick some eyeliner on. Then some more. Then a bit more for luck.)

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