Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 14.33.11
$129 which is about £92

I am extremely disappointed to see that the range of smart platform espadrilles on the high street is really limited this year.

I saw some okay ones in Aldo but they had diamante stuck all round the sides and I was like, god almighty do I look like Dolly Parton? (I mean, I should be so lucky. But I don’t.)

I have seen some at Atelier Alienor, which look really great, but I think they ship from the US and isn’t that just the most goddawful ballache?

Does anyone know more about Aterlier Alienor?

Alternatively, there are these from Manebi, via Net a Porter

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 14.40.57

Aren’t they cute. Yes okay £105 seems insane to spend on espadrilles, but for me, there isn’t a more useful shoe in the summer – I need a slip-on, non-heeled CLOSED TOE option that isn’t a trainer.

Any other bids on plain platform espadrilles with no sodding diamantes? (Must be platform, normal soles do nothing for my slightly stumpy legs and uncharming ankles).

I’m on an espadrilles hunt. #espadrilles.

Have a great weekend! Unless you’ve got kids under 5, in which case: good luck.