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Do you ever get that thing where you are kind of plonking along in your professional life, thinking that things are going well and it’s all kind of, you know… happening… and you don’t feel like you’re 24 and clueless any more.

But then something stops you in your tracks, some awful moment, and you suddenly feel like – OMG – I know nothing. I am a baby kitten. I am a drooling 6 month old. I barely know where my nose is.

That happened to me the other day.

I was standing about at the John Lewis press day like a watermelon, staring into space, and I saw my old friend – and co-founder of The Midult – Emilie McMeekan.

Emilie is really, really high energy – (like if fossil fuels run out and we’re all still arguing about nuclear power, I think we could just run some stuff off Emilie for a while) – and she was wearing this sassy little jacket and had her goddamn nails done.

“You’re a sensation!” she said.

“Am I?” I said. “That’s GREAT!”

“After this come to the Aisle 8 press day,” said Emilie, clutching my arm.

“What’s that?” I said, worrying it was a new dress designer I didn’t know about.

“It’s a PR company. They’re great, they’re a sensation” she declared. “You must meet Lauren.”

And I was like fuck, fuck, what’s going on? Who is this press woman who is so fantastic that she goes about using only her first name? Like a model. Shit, I know nothing. I know nobody. I’m fresh off the boat.

So I went along and I realised that this is where they are keeping all the good stuff. Cefinn, THREE GRACES HELLO? Kitri Studio and a load of other fabulous junk.

And among the vast treasure trove of excellent shit that Lauren, (who really is a sensation), had – was Away.

Away is basically the best luggage there is. Unless you have literally just bought a new set of luggage, throw all your luggage away and get this.

It is light as a feather. Each piece of luggage comes with a lifetime guarantee.

And I mean… I mean the colours… you can charge your phone in it… it comes in loads of different sizes. The wheels are… uhhnnnnnn with the way they twirl about… you can put little STICKERS ON IT… inside – okay listen, listen – inside it comes with a laundry bag for all your dirty clothes on the way back.

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You can get ones with outside pockets, you can get matching fucking items, which hook seamlessly over the telescopic handles of the case. You can get interior organising pouches.

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If Giles and I didn’t already have a smart set of hard case luggage from Rimowa, (also good, but not as good as this), I would buy us all – kids too – one each.

So I cannot justify getting myself any of this, but someone has got to have it, and it might as well be you.

It’s not even very expensive. This is not an ad.

Guys, what can I say? Quite simply: it’s a SENSATION.