There is quite a lot of talk about going to see a stylist in the comments section of this blog. I have only had one experience, at TopShop and it was actually pretty good.

But a reader, Cia, went to see one of those super-stylists – she’s called Victoria Genevieve – and had what sounds like a superb experience. I asked her if she would mind if I shared it with everyone and she said no – go for it!


“My biggest problem was that as a new (ish) mum – my son is 8 months old – I had kind of lost sight of what suited me, what looked good and what was practical.

In my day job I was used to dressing quite glamorously and before I met my husband I was never seen in flat shoes or trainers. Now I’m spending my days at baby classes being judged by other mums for shovelling chocolate brioche into my son in exchange for some peace and quiet and heels aren’t quite the thing.

I met Victoria at Bluewater first for a coffee and a chat, we spoke about what I wanted from the session and what my issues were.

She said the first thing to address is that I don’t really like like dressing super-casually, it’s just not my style so to stop forcing myself into it, sounds simple but actually a revelation! I had prepared a Pinterest board of styles that I liked and after a quick look, we were off.

In each shop we went to Victoria would choose items and so would I. We then went to the fitting room where I tried them all on, (this was a serious workout), and Victoria talked me through why things did or didn’t work, have me tips on how to style pieces together and little tips and tricks on how to make each item work better for me and my shape and style.


Of all the items I bought, not one was chosen by me and not one was an item that I would have even tried on.

One of the best things about it was a change in mindset. I really wanted a pair of wide legged trousers, after trying on a few pairs I was ready to give up – “maybe they just don’t suit me,” I thought, “maybe I’m not the right shape for them”.


At this point I would usually have gone home feeling a bit deflated but Victoria’s mantra was “It’s not you, it’s the trousers” until we found the most incredible pair that fit me perfectly and make me feel amazing.

I came home with bags of clothes that I’m actually excited to wear and a different attitude when it comes to shopping. I’d always vaguely followed the ‘rules’ from fashion magazines and things my mum had told me but shopping with a stylist really showed me that those really are outdated and often wrong.


The session was expensive** – my husband bought it for me as a Christmas present, probably fed up with watching me order and return clothes online, but I would say it was definitely worth it especially if you’ve lost your way and feel not quite right in the clothes you have.

I think it would also be great for building a capsule wardrobe if that’s what was needed.”

How about you? Have you seen a personal stylist you can recommend? Please leave a comment in the handy box below.



**Victoria Genevieve charges £295 for a 4-hour session