… for The American Dry Cleaning Company!

They have generously sponsored my entire social media output today and would like you to know more about the excellent services they offer, including but not exclusively:

  • A take-down and re-hang service for your curtains
  • FREE pick-up and drop off for shirts or huge things like duvets and pillows
  • A membership service which gives members discounts and special offers

And the thing I like best: the Ozone Cabinet.

This is a box in ADC HQ where you put in the smelliest most disgusting thing in your house (dog toy, raggie, dog bed, sports shoes, moth-infested rug etc) and have it returned bacteria-free and smelling sweet!

They even once put Save The Children mascot Pudsey Bear in there.

There’s more!

The American Dry Cleaning Company is also very proud of the extensive work they do to be the greenest and cleanest Dry Cleaners on the high street, committed to:

  • Recycling 80% of the water they use
  • Cleaning and re-using 60% of solvents and chemicals
  • Using 70% biodegradable plastics in their packaging

Any London Spikers can enjoy a massive 25% discount in any branch of The American Dry Cleaning Company just by quoting “spike25%” in-branch.

Please find a list of the extensive ADC locations across London here.


Tell me: what’s the most disgusting thing in your house? The smelliest, nastiest thing. I will start: SAM’S SHOES.

It used to be Kitty’s shoes, which she so comprehensively trashed that I had to get her a new pair even though the old ones fit.

But now Sam’s shoes have moved into pole position; they STINK of old stagnant water and mud from where he has been playing football in the rain.

How about you? If you could put anything in the ADC Ozone Cabinet (aka THE CUPBOARD OF SHAME) what would it be? Please leave a comment in the handy box below.

Thank you for listening!