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Alright, alright, I know this is rather random. You’re probably all planning your bijou World Cup parties right now, not wondering about the best pyjamas on the High Street right now!

You’re not? You are? Well thank God for me then.

I am a pyjama nutter. My children have about 48 pairs each and I have thousands. They’re not even that nice – I don’t spend thousands on Desmond and Dempsey or Olivia Von Halle. I just have a lot of options.

We didn’t really have new clothes as children (it was the Eighties, what child did?) and I definitely didn’t own a new pair of pyjamas until I was about 11.

So now when I spot a really good pair of pyjamas, they have to be mine.

This pair (above) is particularly good if you are sharing any accommodation this summer or will be in any situation where you will be publicly seen in your PJs.

The cotton is beautifully lightweight but not so soft that I fear it will fall apart within 3 washes; the dark colour will hide tea splashes and smears of croissant grease; the cropped length will keep the hems clear of spills and puddles and the cropped sleeves are cooling and will not need to be rolled up in order to sort breakfasts.

At £45 these are many, many pounds cheaper than a comparable D&D set, which are about £130. The sizing is pretty generous – I got an M and it’s big, but I am keeping it because I like a roomy pyjama. If you are a small 10, get an S.

If you are somewhere unbelievably hot at night you can sleep in something else but then put these on to face the world. They also work, of course, for a UK summer if you are bored with answering the door to the Ocado man in really scummy nightwear.

It is a mistake, as I’m sure you have worked out by now, to buy any sort of “shortie” pyjama set. It might seem like a good idea at the time, but if you have to bustle about with your family first thing, you will simply flash your [insert euphemism for bum here] to absolutely everyone.

These pyjamas are also available on John Lewis, if you have some other business there and would like to add these to your basket to make a next day delivery worth it.

The one drawback to these is that they have a drawstring waist so you have to untie and re-tie when going to the loo. But I have decided this is a small price to pay for an otherwise great set of pyjamas.

Just by the by, I have also had to adjust Kitty’s pyjamas – she used to wear shortie sets but the shorts wedge themselves up her crack and now she’s seven, it’s just not funny any more – so she wears these cropped sets from Boden. Is it just me or is it quite hard to find a cropped-length summer pyjama for girls? It seems to be hot shorts or nothing. Anyway so I’m quite pleased with this find.

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