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As many of you know my friend Becky B moved to LA a few years ago and at the moments when I can bring myself to talk to her despite my rage at what I perceive to be the MASSIVE BETRAYAL OF EVERYTHING of her emigrating, she is kind of handy. Like when she mailed me my Christy Dawn dress letting me off about £200 of shipping fees.

She also occasionally sends me (on request) a rundown of what is hot in LA right now. She successfully predicted turmeric lattes, DIY nut butter and Anine Bing, so she speaks the truth.

Here are are top LA trends for right now.


Lots of protein powder in smoothies

Acai bowls

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Spicy Margueritas [at least I *think* she means the cocktail…]

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Bone broth served hot in cups (like buying soup from Pret but there are no Prets)

Bulletproof coffee… [you may have heard of this, but if you don’t know what bulletproof coffee is, read about it here. I never know whether to take these sorts of culty things with a pinch of salt, or to be frightened… any Spikers into it??]


Dresses from Doen, Faithfull The Brand, Spell Designs, Ulla Johnson

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Irish Mary has this UJ one and it’s great

Everyone wears Converse with dresses and jeans

Ragdoll LA have great t-shirts and joggers

Tons of people like Jen Meyer, [beautiful but the prices are LOL]

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These are about £2k not lying

The biggest craze is CBD oil which is a chemical found in cannabis, which soothes and clams but doesn’t make you high. We went to a school gala fundraiser thing (think Big Little Lies) and everyone was sitting at round tables pass round CBD vape pens. 

It also comes in juices and smoothies or just oil to rub into painful areas, or to drink for a sore throat. If you Google Med Men you get to a kind of Apple Store for cannabis products. Literally in LA you go in and talk to a guy with an iPad and whittle down what you’re in the mood for.


Have a great day