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Another brilliant thing from the online tech shop (not just for women but yes for women) Soda, which is dangerous because you will go on there and want. Literally. Everything. (e.g. the Gaucho Tech Roll the Phone Lanyard  and this lamp projector).

But they sent me this clothes steamer and I was a bit circumspect about it until Kat Farmer (from Does My Bum Look 40) raved to me that she never goes on holiday without hers.

Spikers can get a discount with the code SPIKE10!

It works! You have to get the hang of moving the wand in confident ironing strokes over the material rather than sort of rubbing at creases; not as brutally efficient as an ironing board and a table but sometimes those things are not available.

This is £100 which I know is rather steep but it definitely works and feels lovely and sturdy – can cheaper models be as good? Please feel free to leave a comment in the handy box below.