Get yourself some crazy animal print like this from Lily and Lionel


I adore Dinah. She is a fashion editor, art director, stylist AND she’s just had a baby. She recently did a spread on 21 ways to wear a breton top, which I thought was both a genius idea and sort of like an hilarious visual gag at the same time. I asked her if she would go on The Spike and she said yes! So here she is.

Please note! that the links I have provided are approximate only, they are not the exact things that Dinah is talking about.

1 What are you wearing RIGHT NOW

Flat, clumpy, Isabel Marant sandals that I got in a sample sale. Blue kick flare cropped J Brand jeans also from a sample sale (I spent a lot of my maternity leave at sample sales). White, oversized Uniqlo shirt. M&S underwear. Always M&S for underwear.

2 What do you always have a fresh, updated version of in your wardrobe.

I live in basics, and don’t update them nearly often enough but I’ll snap up a good white t-shirt when I see one. A nice one is not as easy to find as you might think. Used to love J Crew’s linen v-necks but they lose their shape so quickly. My new favourite is a supersoft round-neck one I picked up at Nigel Hall – small mens is the perfect cut.

3 What are your favourite stores/brands at the moment

I love Frame jeans, they’re not cheap but they are worth the money. And Equipment shirts. The Box in Hackney runs some great sample sales. I don’t buy much so when I do I’m willing to spend a little more. High street stores like Zara are incredible for trend led pieces but the throw away nature of fast fashion bothers me more and more.

4 Is the Front Row really, really super scary

It looks pretty cool from my seat in the Gods. Sigh

5 Has having a baby changed how you dress?

It hasn’t changed what I wear but it’s certainly changed how I get dressed. I got rid of everything in my wardrobe that I should wear, could wear, used to wear, want to wear and now only own things that I actually do wear. It felt awesome taking it all to charity and now it takes me 30 seconds to get ready in the morning (I don’t have much left to choose from!)

6 What have you bought recently that you are most excited about?

I treated myself to a new handbag for my return to work. It felt VERY extravagant, especially since I hadn’t earned any money for 12 months.  It’s the YSL cross body bag with canvas strap. Need to be hands free with the buggy and baby so it was a practical and sensible investment (I keep telling myself). Mainly I think it makes me look like a grown-up with my sh*t together when, in reality, I’m anything but.

7 Can you do any trend forecasting for us?

Yes! Get yourself some animal print, ideally some interesting animal print in a bold colour or with a bit of detailing. Wear it with something boring. If you don’t own a fabulous blazer now’s the time to get one. Ideally a checked one a la Erdem (which you’ll find in Whistles). [Esther here – I have just bought this Rag & Bone one, on sale now.] And if you were savvy enough to keep the cowboy boots you wore back in the noughties it’s time to get them out of retirement. A frightening prospect, I know.

This Rag&Bone check blazer is on sale RN!!!

8 What are you having for dinner tonight?

Ribeye Steak. Rare. With broccoli and rice. And a Mini Magnum.